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June 10th, 2018 The Day Before

Well, it’s the last day to get everything finished before we leave on a three week trip out west. Hopefully we can hit the road at 7am tomorrow morning, meet the Drzal’s with their 5th wheel, and be on our way to the first overnight just south of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have watched the Weather Channel and are NOT looking forward to possible tornados as we pass through the storm front.  Our focus is getting to Colorado Springs by Wednesday. We will be stopping in the early evenings, around dinner time in Indiana and Salina, Kansas. It will be nice to have time to enjoy dinner and relax before heading out the next day. We’re saying prayers for smooth sailing and no problems….

I hope to journal every day we’re on the trip, although, I’m not sure how much time or internet availability I’ll have.  I will log every day then upload when I get the chance.

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